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The Great Kilowatt Challenge – join in and be part of something great

A few posts ago when I talked about the ‘Great Unwashed’ I mentioned that one of my favourite bloggers was Gavin from ‘The Greening of Gavin’. He’s an ordinary Australian guy from Melbourne, Victoria (okay he’s not that ordinary) but like me and my family he’s on an extraordinary mission to make a difference to his own life, that of his wife, children and future grandchildren and pretty much anyone interested enough to want to make a difference to theirs.

His journey is not unlike our own, but he’s a few years ahead of us in many regards which makes him an ideal champion for those of us wanting to seek out ideas to challenge and change the way we live.

Gavin’s latest challenge is to teach as many people as possible how to read their electricity meters, collect data, understand and manage the information collected in the hope of reducing their overall electricity usage. It will take place over 4 weeks and each participant will provide Gavin with figures at the end of each week. He’ll then post regular updates on the group’s collective reduction in electricity usage.

Gavin will provide you with instructions and also a form where you can record the data. For those who are a little technologically shy, he’ll be there to help you all the way.

I’m in for sure and I hope you’ll join in the challenge, even if you just learn how to read and understand your electricity meter that will be a great achievement. Just click on the picture below which will take you to Gavin’s Blog. Read what he’s got to say and if you’re keen to join in, let Gavin know by way of comment on the bottom of his latest post.

And don’t forget to send the link below on to your friends too. The more people involved, the greater our collective reductions will be.

The Great Kilowatt Challenge

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