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Update coming soon.

5 responses to “What’s this Blog About

  1. Eileen Grudnoff

    hi, I am only just learning myy way around Blogs, and am quite intrigued…. I share your thoughts on the ecological environment and wish I had a suitable site and a suitable number of “growth rings – (as in trees) – to be able to do as you are doing. I think it will be one of the most exciting and rewarding things you can do and the fact that you will be both working on the project is really “serendipitious” to borrow a phrase I heard somewhere. So go kids, go!! xx

    • Growth rings? Don’t you mean radioactive half life? But seriously, thank you for your enthusiasm and support – it’s infectious! We know you’d be getting your hands dirty if you were here with us and I suspect you and Nick were doing this sort of thing 50 years ago. Hope to share more good news stories again after the weekend. K

  2. Hi Kathleen & Chris. Great to meet you at the course this weekend and hope to stay in touch. Love your blog and you have clearly been understating your progress in all things sustainable….you have nurtured a beautiful and productive home/garden. This will give you our contact details should you find yourself in Mount Annan.

    Roger and Vicki
    21 Blake Rd

    • Hello there and nice to hear from you so soon. Great to meet you too and lets definitely stay in touch to exchange ideas. I’m curious to hear how you go with the relocation of your mulberries and new trees in the front and hope you can set up a supply of chook greens from your local green grocer. In the meantime happy gardening. Take care. K & C

    • Hey guys. How’s it going? I’ll be coming down your way in March for a course at the Botanic Gardens and thought I might pop in for a quick hello. K

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