My little garden

I absolutely love our little Permaculture garden. To me it’s a magical place and one that instantly takes me away from the worries and pressures of life. Our little garden isn’t very big but once I step into it I never want to leave.


It’s also a place I connect with every single day, sometimes I visit  just to savour the soft colours and sounds of the morning and sometimes to enjoy the final moments of the day’s fading light.


Other times I visit all day, no guilt, just complete and utter freedom and enjoyment. Our garden is a place that has provided us with a clean slate for learning, problem solving, appreciation, creativity and connectedness and importantly a place where we grow some of our food.


Our garden is a place that has encouraged us to slow down, to take the time to learn and enjoy and increase our knowledge and appreciation of food because every plant in our little garden is edible so it provides us with nourishment and supplements the meals that we cook.


I’ve been so busy with work lately and a lot of my recent work has involved an awful lot of writing so sometimes the last thing I want to do is do more writing when I get home….unless of course it’s putting together a little rhyme which sometimes seems to flow a lot easier.  So anyway, this is a little story of encouragement which I hope you’ll enjoy…..ahem….

Excuse me dear readers I do beg your pardon

But I have to admit I’m in love with my garden

In love with your garden? How could that be so?

Well come and I’ll show you what in it does grow

I know some will find this story incredible

But every small plant in my garden is edible

There’s chooks, bees and veggies, fruit trees and herbs

Grown in my backyard right here in the ‘burbs

My garden is where I’ve learnt to grow food

From garden to kitchen to cook for my brood

Reducing food miles and saving on bills

Plucking fresh veggies it give me such thrills

Where my food comes from and how it does grow

Is something important I needed to know

Extras and surplus I dry or preserve

To keep in my pantry as winter reserve

There’s more than good food but lessons galore

For my little garden it gives me much more

It’s taught me to slow down, enjoy every day

A place to escape and take pressures away

To grow your own food needs no special skill

Just a love of outdoors, some patience and will

And if you don’t think with these traits you’ve been blessed

I assure your first harvest will make you obsessed

You will need some space to have one or two beds,

But balcony pots could be used instead

Or look to your council or local community

And make a share garden a great opportunity

Next you will need some sort of a plan

Family or friends can give you a hand

Encourage your neighbours from over the fence

And soon they will realise it makes perfect sense

Once you get set-up there’s not much you’ll need

Some water some compost some tools and some seed

Before you can blink your plants will have grown

Produced food for you from seed that you’ve sown

Soon you’ll see magic as your veggies sprout

Produce in abundance there’ll be no more doubt

From trees that you nurture fruit will abound

You’ll be amazed what can grow in your ground

The cycle continues, new seasons arrive

You learn what to grow, what will and won’t thrive

When you get it right and develop the knack

The rewards you will reap will keep you on track

But also remember to sit and enjoy

your garden, for in it grows more than bok choy

There’s laughter and sunshine to take in at your leisure

And growing your own will bring so much pleasure

So there my dear readers I hope in this verse

A carrot has dangled enough to coerce

So no more excuses, don’t procrastinate

Start growing your veggies, there’s no time to wait

serendipity2000 ©


One response to “My little garden

  1. Eileen Grudnoff

    so now we have a poet producing literary inspiration as well as producing all those yummy things to eat. what a lucky boy your husband is.

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