The year ahead…

It’s a big line up with lots of promise, but these are some of the topics that we’ll be covering at Ordinary-2-Extraordinary (O-2-E) this year. Underpinning each of our topics is our decision to use Permaculture Principles, ethics and sustainable living practices as a basis for our decision making and planning for the future.

It would be great if you could join us and hopefully be inspired to start your own sustainable journey.


Food security – growing, cooking, seasonal produce, preserving and storage


Gardening – crop rotation, propagation, vertical gardening, soil and fertilising

Front water tank

Renewable energy and resource management – water storage, management and usage, solar power, solar passive design, grey water, heating and cooling


Waste management– plastic packaging, reducing waste, composting, recycling and reusing


Permaculture – design principles, function, systems and community


Pest management – living with native animals, dealing with garden pests


Backyard fruit trees – fertilising, pruning, protection, maintenance and problems


Retrofitting – renovations with a conscience, revisiting solar power, storage, gardens


Hand made – kitchen, bathroom, laundry, self and others


Recycling – de-cluttering, using preloved, repairs and maintenance, reducing and reusing


Animal systems – keeping hens and investigating off-site animal husbandry

Permie 089

Natural Bee Keeping – Warré bee hive, starting backyard bee keeping, hive maintenance, safety, security and disease management


Life skills – survival, simple living and frugality


Ethical living and global issues – best practice options, books, documentaries, reviews, talks, topical issues and links to like-minded bloggers

2 responses to “The year ahead…

  1. Sounds like you have a big year coming up – I’m looking forward to reading about it.

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