There’s A B….C!

Since our bee-eautiful Warré Bee Hive arrived last week, I have to admit that I’ve beecome quite obsessed with the whole beekeeping thing. I’m really quite excited at the prospect of keeping bees, in fact I really can’t stop thinking about it.

Look closely….it’s the queen.

A couple of days ago I approached a complete stranger in the supermarket to ask her where she got the beautiful little bee brooch she had pinned to the shoulder of her overcoat! ‘Italy’ she said in a heavy accent and I should have known. I’m now on the hunt for an Italian bee brooch!

In anticipation of our bees arriving sometime in the next few months, I started reading David Heaf’s bee book The Bee-friendly Beekeeper. I’m also reading over my notes from the course we did back in February, I want to bee as informed as I can when the bees arrive. Co-incidentally, we received a surprise invite yesterday to attend a half day natural beekeeping refresher with Tim Malfroy himself which will be really handy to revisit and re-aquaint ourselves with the principles of Warré natural beekeeping which make the system so attractive to us. It will also be an opportunity to network with other natural beekeeping enthusiasts here is Sydney.

I also received a cute little comment from my mother-in-law who suggested I should have plenty of bee names at the ready. It made me chuckle and in response, compulsively started throwing a few bee names together. The problem was, once I got started I couldn’t stop and the next thing I knew I’d put together a silly  little poem.

So here it is. I’ve called it….’Bee a Name I Call Myself’.


If I wanted to name all the bees that I own

I’d probably go mad or live all alone

By the time I came up with 10,000 bee names

I’d speak several languages and not bee the same

But what if I started just plain old and simple

A name here and there matching each little dimple

Imagine how long it would take to remember

Each of their names, I’d be here ‘till December

Who’s idea was this to come up with bee names

My mother in-law put the idea in my brain

I tried and I tried to not think it at all

But it kept at my brain like a tap at the wall

So I let my mind go and the names they came quick

Like honey to bees they started to stick

I thought of a few and got tied in a knot

So put them to paper before I forgot

Now there’s Honey and Bumble and Buzzy and Sting

Abbee and Bambee and Barbee and King

There’s Queeny and Yellow and Blacky and Pollen

Amber and Stripe and Smokey and Swollen

There’s Waxer and Sacs and Beefcake and Busy

And Zinger and Zapper and Beetrice and Dizzy

There’s Wasp and there’s Searcher, Comber and Beebee

And Zippy and Worker and Petal and Feebee

But what if I named them in groups like a band

Would it somehow bee easier and less a demand

There’s Queen and there’s Honey, The Bees and The Drones

There’s Nectar, the Bee Gees and of course the Pheromones

But what if the bees left and all moved away

And a new swarm moved in on a clear sunny day

I’d be back where I started needing 10,00o new names

And I’ve have to start over with silly name games

Will someone please kindly call in the police

And help me to finally get some long needed peace

Bee names and hives and honey and comb

My head’s in a spin and I want to go home


5 responses to “There’s A B….C!

  1. Eileen Grudnoff

    welcome to the “silly beggars club” you’re nominated, seconded and voted in by a mile……….I really did think the poetry was clever,cute and funny. XX

  2. Great poem mum 🙂

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