A quick getaway

Nothing like a quick trip away to revitalise the body and mind.

A few months back we received an invitation to Chris’s niece’s wedding in Brisbane and decided it would be a great opportunity to catch up with a few of the relatives. It would also give us a chance to visit our daughter Maddie and her boyfriend Jez who recently moved to Byron Bay.  

On the way through to Brisbane we took a quick detour to the beautiful little town of Mullumbimby. Nestled in a valley surrounded by beautiful mountain ranges, Mullum has a creative, vibrant and eclectic mix of alternative and mainstream cultures.  

We stopped by at the Mullum Community Garden where Luke and Roz plan on doing the practical component of a 6 month Permaculture Certificate course next year.

They’ve been planning a working/WOOFERS holiday which they’ll start in the new year and have eagerly started decking out their Toyota van which will become their home for the trip. How lucky are they! Besides surfing, they intend on working here and there and Luke already has some building work lined up in Byron Bay. He also plans to take some time in between surfing to complete a short sustainable building course. It’s so great to see the kids considering alternative options which they can apply to their mainstream studies and Roz’s training as a teacher will put her in a very good position should she wish to pursue a different line of work providing it’s not too far from a beach! 

Staying in Brisbane was a great opportunity to catch up with Chris’s mum Eileen, his sister Linda and cousin Sue and her husband John. We shared some home made gifts and listened to lots of family stories, had plenty of laughs and devised new ways to save the planet and live more sustainably. We finished our stay with a delicious breakfast of fresh eggs we’d brought from home compliments of Noodle et al. of course and much appreciated by all.

The wedding in Brisbane went off without a glitch. Perfect weather, a gushing bride, proud parents, gorgeous venue and fabulous food and a lolly bar to boot. The night was topped off with an excellent live band with plenty of action and fun especially when 91 year old Eileen took to the dance floor with maracas in hand! What an amazing woman. She will be forever my inspiration and living proof of the countless benefits of simple, active, minimalistic living.

 We decided on a unique gift for the young couple Ashley and Troy:  a box of hand made soap


and a book for inspiration and guidance from everyone’s favourite blogger. 

On the way home we stayed with Mad and Jez and it was reassuring to see that they’ve settled in to a really nice little place just south of Byron. They seem genuinely excited at the prospect of fulfilling their dreams living in an ideal part of the world while they surf, work, surf some more, do a a bit of gardening and home grown cooking and of course a bit more surfing. It’s funny, there was a time in my life when I thought I’d be living in the Byron area but I guess it wasn’t to be…well not yet anyway!

We spent our last morning with them up at the Cape Byron Lighthouse which is perched on the eastern most point of Australia. The dramatic backdrop of  mountains that run the length of some of the best surf breaks in the world makes it one of the most scenic and desirable places to live in Australia.

From the Lighthouse we spied a few local visitors, dozens of dolphins and a pod of humpback whales about 300 metres off shore.  This is the time of year when the whales migrate up the east coast of Australia heading to the warmer waters of Queensland. They’re always a spectacular sight and we could have watched them breeching and slapping their pecs all day.  Hopefully when we return in October we’ll see them on their return journey back down to the southern ocean, perhaps with a baby or two in tow.

It was a great trip away but we couldn’t wait to get back down to the garden the minute we were home. The chooks were clucking, the dogs were smiling, the sun was shining and the garden was calling us to notice the small changes. Ahhh…it’s lovely to be home again.
Stay tuned for my next post on the long anticipated unveiling of our home grown water chestnuts.

2 responses to “A quick getaway

  1. Hello friends, this is Agate from Byron Beach Resort, here I would like to say thanks for sharing such a nice blog.

  2. You’re welcome and thanks for stopping by. Can’t wait to get back to Byron!

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