A weekend in and out of the garden

There’s never a dull moment in the ordinary 2 extraordinary household! Another  busy weekend both in and out of the garden, spending time with my sick mum and making a knitted gift of mittens and cap for my new niece May Louise. So what else did we get up to?

Some gardening with the chooks….

Pumpkin scones….

Pea and ham soup…yum…

A finished pair of soysilk socks….yay…

A coconut slice with homemade blackberry jam and backyard fresh eggs…

Healthy produce from the garden…..

For a home grown salad…

And a new compost area…

Plus time to stockpile rocks, gather and cut timber for heating, attend a community rally, news of an engagement, calls from a far-away daughter and enjoying the company of good friends over a long slow lunch.

Stay tuned for the garden update.

2 responses to “A weekend in and out of the garden

  1. Busy weekend! I love the idea of pumpkin scones – I’ll have to look up a recipe for that for our autumn. And the socks are beautiful.

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