O-2-E Connects with Community

Over the last year we have immersed ourselves in developing our Permaculture garden, living sustainably and consciously changing our lives for the better. As we settle into the day-to-day running of our grow-it-and-make-it-yourself kind of life, we finally have time to reflect on the enormity of our growth and are eager to share the love.

Last year, we hesitantly joined our local Permaculture group and for a family who have wholeheartedly embraced the philosophies and ethics of Permaculture, you might wonder why that was.

As a couple we have a strong appreciation and understanding of the benefits of community and believe connecting with the like-minded and sharing ideas, resources and enthusiasm is extremely important. So we knew ultimately we would join a group or perhaps even start our own one day but we were also acutely aware of the pitfalls of spreading ourselves too thin having deliberately moved away from all that. Plus, from experience our misconception of joining a well established group only to find it being led by self-interested individuals and overshadowed by in-fighting and bitchiness was a big turn-off.

As the dust has settled the urge to connect with other likeminded people has taken on a new importance so late last year we decided to put our ill-conceived fears aside and join our local Permaculture group and we haven’t regretted a minute of it.

In the short time we’ve been attending monthly meetings we’ve met some truly wonderful people. We’ve been captivated by fabulous guest speakers, watched some inspiring videos including Geoff Lawton’s latest doco on Urban Permaculture (featuring quite a few of our members), learnt how the group is empowering community through their unique projects, seen demonstrations of simple and practical solutions, poured through the extensive library and shared in a chinwag or two over some fabulous healthy suppers.  As time permits, we hope to contribute to the achievements already being made by this dynamic group.  

A few times each year, members are given a chance to showcase their own experiences and as it turns out, we were recently asked to talk about our Permaculture garden. So on Monday evening we delivered our first presentation and to our surprise we had an overwhelming response. Perhaps it’s because we’re new and have a fresh perspective on Permaculture as a way of life rather than just a sustainable gardening system but whatever the reason it felt very positive to be able to inspire others with our story.  

We come from a position of positive change, where problems have become solutions, our complex lives have become more simplified and meaningful, we’ve turned a degraded space into something productive and healthy and we’ve turned uncertainty into security and resilience.  We’re still learning to slow down, to take the time to smell the roses every single day and enjoy life’s offerings and being able to share it with others is something else. Ahh, Permaculture community, now that feels right.  

Next post I’ll be telling you about my first contribution to community…. garden tours and my first soap making demonstration. I hope you’ll stay tuned.

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