Lovely to gnome you

Our little Hannah turned 5 last week and how lucky were we to be a part of her special party. Through a veil of colourful balloons and ribbons we watched the kids get stuck into some good old fashioned games like egg and spoon races and tug-o-war. In the meantime the adults got stuck into the yummy healthy party food!

If you’re anything like me you probably agonise over what to get a 5 year old. Most kids seem to have so much stuff and while Hannah has her fair share, most of her toys and games are not the run of the mill plastic junk.

Lucky for Hannah, she has her wonderful parents to thank for that and her talented dad Andy has made so many beautiful wooden toys including a to-die-for kitchen with oven, sink and pots and pans and a magnificent dolls house that’s slowly been kitted out with fine wooden furniture and little people. These inspiring toys have led to an advanced imagination and it’s fascinating to watch her play and improvise for hours on end.

This year I decided I was going to make something really special for Hannah’s birthday so I tracked down a Steiner inspired toy place online and purchased a few little wooden bodies. I got some felt, good craft glue, some colourful wool and needle and thread and set to to make my first ever family of handmade gnomes.

So as a start, our little Hanni received a Hannah gnome and an Andy gnome. The littles ones are 10cm tall and the larger one 15cm and as they’re a little different to her existing dolls house wooden people, they might make the perfect hippy neighbours.

Shhh! There's a little boy gnome hiding somewhere nearby.

In February, Hannah will have a new baby brother so I wonder if there might be a mummy gnome and baby brother gnome on the way too!

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