latest news from serendipity2000

We’re so excited at serendipity2000…. Ali and Ben are coming over from NY on Boxing Day! How wonderful it will be to see them again and spend some time catching up. Thank you both for thinking of us and coming all that way to see us. It will be a special time for us all and the chooks are looking forward to meeting you too.

It’s Chris’s birthday today and our plan is just to spend the day together. We’ve got a few things to do which will mainly involve us spending time in the garden and picking up our drip watering system. Tonight we’ll be watching a range of 10 minute presentations at the Permaculture Sydney North AGM and tomorrow night the family are coming around for a celebratory dinner. Lots of goodness ahead.

And our final exciting news is that the Banana Banana circle is about to become whole. We now have a couple of lovely paw paws to go in so we will finally have a Banana Paw Paw circle. Yippee!.

Have a great day!

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