The Cluckers have arrived!

The cluckers are here and their arrival has been a welcome distraction from Dad’s hospitalisation. I’ve been giving him a report on their progress each day and it’s wonderful to see him smile as he keeps track of the daily egg count and is delighted that we’re already up to 7 glorious eggs in 5 days.

Dad is a chook lover from way back and has raised a variety of breeds over the years for food, eggs and manure. Like all you chook lovers out there, he finds hearty enjoyment in their quirky behaviour and always found them to be adorable creatures. So funny and entertaining with personalities of their very own. Check out stickybeak on the right! See what I mean?

The two cluckers

In the first 3 days they mastered the challenge of getting into their house in it’s new location. Whoopee I hear some of you say! Well I think it’s a big deal because our 2 chooks are already 18 months old and have been accustomed to the same simple routine over that time. And the general consensus out there is that chooks are certainly not prized for their IQ!

When they entered our world, we turned theirs up-side-down because their familiar house is now about a metre off the ground.  They’ve also had their wings clipped which limits their flying ability and I watched as they desperately tried to flap up onto the table sitting just below their door.

Chris made a wooden ramp with rungs leading up to the table and while it’s taken them a few days to master walking the plank, both Noodle and Stickybeak have found their independence probably while hastily retreating to the nesting box for egg laying duty. Not a bad effort for three days and who said chooks are dumb anyway.

I’ve been consistently handling them each day so they get used to me and they seem relatively comfortable with an intuitive human touch and given their previous owner Heidi was a former Taronga Zoo keeper it’s no surprise.

They’re very inquisitive and will check over everything with a fine tooth comb including the second hand mower catcher I found in the Council cleanup this week. And they’re not shy in letting us know that they want to get out of their house in the morning and it’s usually Stickybeak that calls first with Noodle following closely behind.  They already cluck happily as we approach their yard and confidently greet us at their door, no doubt in anticipation of a handful of goodies or an opportunity to explore beyond the boundaries of their yard.

We’re not quite ready for that and while the dogs have been curiously watching, we’re not quite ready to introduce them either. I’ve been growling at Digger the Dog whenever he gets excited by the flap of wings and he retreats knowing it’s unacceptable behaviour.

I already love our little chookies and wonder why we waited so long to get them. They are bound to provide us with lots of fun and no doubt, plenty of heart felt stories.

So stay tuned for more tales from the Chook Nook.

2 responses to “The Cluckers have arrived!

  1. Noodles and Stickybeak!! How great!! Can’t believe how many eggs they keep having. I can’t wait to get my own chook now Kath.

  2. I think that would be a great idea siloecho. Here’s a thought I had for you…
    Chooks are cute and chooks are beaut, we love our little girlies
    And when I have to go to work they help me get up early
    They cluck and scratch and peck all day and leave an egg or two
    A little clucker of your own will bring a smile to you 🙂

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