Dud ‘pot’-atoes

I’ve been meaning to show you something. It was to prove a point I made in one of my earlier posts about how to grow ‘pot’-atoes. You may remember me talking about growing potatoes in pots using certified disease-free seed potatoes and not the ones you have stashed away in your kitchen cupboard.

As an experiment, I decided to try and grow some potatoes using a few Kipflers I had in my cupboard at the time. They looked ‘ideal’ for growing.

Months and months I waited…and watered…and waited but nothing ever grew from those potatoes.  From time to time I carefully lifted the mulch to see if there was even a tiny flash of green. But nothin’! Zip, nada, zilch!

I’d potted up some certified seed potatoes at the same time to compare, what I thought was going to be, growth rates and while my old Kipflers lingered, the seeds went completely crazy.

Enough time had passed so I decided to tip the pot upside down, empty the soil and this is what I found….

Dud Kipfler potatoes

Exactly the same damn thing I’d planted months before! A few of them still had some short sprouts and only one of them had slightly rotted during all that time. I left those potatoes right there where you see them and one by one they were gobbled up by our mangy Brush Tailed Possum.

Although this test of mine doesn’t have the rigours of a proper scientific experiment it most likely suggests that my Woolworths potatoes were probably treated with some sort of growth inhibitor. Commercial potatoes are often sprayed to prolong their shelf life and prevent them from sprouting in your cupboard!

I hope that doesn’t turn you off your next mash potatoes and peas but if it does you could consider growing your own knowing they’ll be healthy organic and growth-inhibitor-free potatoes.  And you can even grow them in a pot!

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