Seasonal vegetable and fruit recipes

I’ve decided to start putting together a list of vegetable and fruit recipes that have at least one key ingredient that’s growing in our garden. Just to clarify, a sprinkle of coriander in a lentil soup doesn’t count but a bunch of spinach for a spinach and ricotta pie does and milk, eggs and cheese are okay too. We’ve been trying to increase the number of non-meat dishes we eat each week and have been doing quite well but finding vegetable only recipes that use what’s available in our garden will be a new challenge. I’ll also promise to throw in the odd in-season fruit or vegetable cake, slice, dessert or tea just for good measure.

So stay tuned for some great recipes based on in-season vegetables and fruit and enjoy creating your own special dishes to share with family and friends.

3 responses to “Seasonal vegetable and fruit recipes

  1. Let us know when you have some vego recipes up, we’re always up for some new seasonal recipes, especially if they’re the one pot type we can cook in our solar ovens. Love your site guys and enjoy your permaculture adventure!

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