Return of the Jedi

We returned from a short break away late last night and although we were dying to go straight down to the garden for a look we decided to wait until the morning. So at first light, we ripped off the doona and leapt out of bed like two excited children, elbowing each other out of the way as we raced downstairs to take a look at our garden. We’d been reading and talking a lot about our Permaculture garden while we were away and updates from Luke seemed to suggest that things were going berserk.

Sydney had once again received quite a bit of rain and the garden had exploded! Although the potato plants haven’t flowered as yet, vigorous foliage is now spewing out of the top of the pots which made it seem like kipfler and sebago had been enjoying a steroid party or two in our absence. The seed grown lettuces and coriander have also gone psycho and everything in the newest garden bed was also noticeably fuller with the marigolds,  alyssum and strawberries all flowering.

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It was reassuring to know that Luke was taking care of things for us while we were away. It’s always one of the biggest worries when you take on a project like this, or buy an animal such as an adorable mutt or a chook, that at some point when you want to take a break or visit a sick relative or do something ridiculous like go overseas you have to bother someone else to look after things for you…or simply just let it go. But any garden is a big investment and the thought of returning to dead plants seems like a waste of time and money so always be sure to keep this in mind when launching into a project like a Permaculture garden.

We’ve been very lucky over the years to have wonderful friends and family who have been only too willing to help us out and now the kids are a bit older, they’re in a better position to keep the place going with the odd bit of watering and dog sitting.

Thanks to Luke for taking care of things for us on this occasion.  The times we spoke he excitedly updated me on progress and was even keen to harvest some spinach leaves for his cooking one night. And we were all too keen for him to eat it….for the food garden is for his taking too.

It’s around this time of year that I always notice changes in the garden and a close inspection in the afternoon revealed a stack of new buds on the fruit trees, particularly the navels. All the bare rooted fruits have new growth of some sort and I was very impressed to see that the only evidence of attack was to a couple of leaves on one of the many bok choi plants. I’ll be keeping my eye out for that little sod but Chris has other ideas…he’s quickly becoming our pest expert and seems to be embracing the Linda Woodrow method of allowing pests and predators to co-exist in a natural state of inter-dependence as nature intended.

So all is good in the Permaculture garden.

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