The Robottery unfolds….

Some weeks ago I put together a rough sketch of an overall design for the backyard. We’re very limited with what can actually do here because 1. the cost 2. the gradient of the block and 3. the amount of exposed rock. But my number one rule has always been……no straight lines. I envisage a free-flowing garden with meandering paths, garden beds and central mandala garden or herb spiral. Developing a garden like this also requires flexibility and imagination as ideas and designs continually unfold as we go.

Backyard design

When I showed Uncle Robot the drawings he said it was definitely achievable and to be honest, I can’t believe the progress already and it’s only been about 7 days of actual work. But when you have a Robot who knows how to cut rock, shape it, place it and stack it, it makes a challenging job quickly take shape. The Robottery rock walls are looking awesome and nicely curved as planned and it seems that Uncle Robot is really enjoying the challenge too

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A new idea for the Chook house sprang to mind sometime last Thursday. It was a little difficult to sell the idea at first but I think the team have finally warmed to it.  The design in my head will need a little more work before I can present it to the master builder Luke, on his return from his surfing trip with Rozzie to Byron.

Briefly, the floor of the chook house will actually be at hip height and sit on a ledge we’re building as part of the back retaining wall. I’m thinking that having their house nestled against the earth will help with temperature regulation….warmer in winter and cooler in summer. The front will have a couple of sliding doors with wire mesh to allow plenty of fresh air and light and at hip height will provide easy access for cleaning. There’ll be a side ramp for chook access and the nesting boxes will be perched up high and suitably dark as chooks love dark secretive corners to snuggle away in. We’ll be able to access the nesting boxes through the roof from an upper level  outside the Chook Nook so there’s less disturbance when we collect the warm eggs.  I’ve still got to do a bit of research on the best height for the nesting boxes to make sure the chooks can actually get up into them if they choose to use them.

And as I consider this I wonder how much chooks can fly.

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