Providing some relief to the planet

Here’s a list of  things that we’ve either done or want to change around our home or in the way we live that are helping us reduce our ecological footprint. Reducing your ecological footprint can be done by simplifying your life, becoming more self-reliant and saving resources by thinking of the future. And yes it’s okay to have a dishwasher…..

We’re all at different stages in our life cycle and we at Serendipity2000 have made our decisions based on our own needs and priorities. Don’t get caught up worrying that you’re not doing enough – you don’t need to be a fanatic. Be happy and proud of any changes you make, no matter how big or small. And remember, we’ve made these changes over many years.

Things we’ve already done to make our home and our lives more sustainable and healthy:

  • installed a solar hot water system
  • installed 2 water tanks providing 5,000L for the garden
  • run a 4 star water rating 3.5 star energy rating dishwasher
  • run a 4 star water rating 4.5 star energy rating front loading washing machine
  • Low flow showerheads
  • Dual-flush toilets
  • Low energy light globes
  • Low emission combustion stove for heating and providing free hot water for washing up and a cuppa
  • Organic preferred shopping buying locally grown food when available – think about ‘food miles’
  • Support fair trade produce
  • Menu planning to reduce food waste and streamline shopping trips
  • Growing vegetables and herbs
  • Use green cleaning products
  • Using 100% of our kitchen scraps
  • Worm farm
  • Compost bin
  • Lawn free native garden
  • North facing passive solar design house
  • Low emission small fuel efficient diesel cars
  • Solar pond pumps
  • Solar garden lights
  • ‘No Junk Mail’ sign – save up to 23 kgs of paper, 70 kgs of CO2, 100 litres of waste water and 55 m² of habitat each year!
  • 6V solar electric fence for vegie garden
  • Habitat logs, rocks and boxes for native wildlife
  • Efficient kitchen gadgets
  • Semi completed bio-diesel plant for vehicle fuel
  • Low wattage Apple MacBook Pro laptop
  • (If you can’t find your broomstick then choose) carbon neutralised air travel
  • Ethical and sustainable travel options – contributing towards welfare of host communities
  • Use of 2nd hand building materials and garden supplies where possible
  • Purchase of long-lasting quality clothing, furniture and fittings
  • At home surprise wedding in March this year including ethical and recycled his and her rings, locally grown native flowers, organic food

Recent changes:

  • 4 additional water tanks now providing 10,000L for garden
  • 2 additional compost tumblers
  • Zero green waste removal from site
  • Purchase of mulcher/chipper/paper shredder
  • Reuse of on-site materials for garden bed construction
  • Low sodium and nil phosphorus washing powder
  • Home made green cleaning products
  • Offload excess stuff – sold old Discovery

Forthcoming plans:

  • Fit flow controllers to all internal water spouts (5)
  • Garage sale or ebay unused and excess stuff
  • Attend Garden Design Permaculture course Ryde TAFE July 2011
  • Complete ‘Chook Nook’ and add 2 chickens to provide eggs, manure and entertainment
  • Plant out food forest using Permaculture and backyard biodynamic systems
  • Install drip irrigation system
  • Install grey water irrigation to fruit trees from washing machine
  • Finish and fit out plant nursery
  • Increase vegetarian meals
  • Planned visits to Kimbriki green waste recycling centre, Michael Mobbs sustainable house in Chippindale and Chullora waste recycling centre

Future Dreams:

  • Off-the-grid solar and wind powered electricity
  • Complete bio-diesel plant
  • Consider retrofitting downstairs toilet flushing from tank water
  • Promote sustainable living through open house demonstrations and World Permaculture Day

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