A serendipitous weekend

What a serendipitous weekend!

After 43 years of driving, today marks the first day of Chris’s driving history that he hasn’t owned a 4WD. In a bid to rid our lives of excess stuff, we decided the time had come to sell our Land Rover Discovery. As a diesel, it’s been a reliable workhorse which we bought 2nd hand in 2005. It served us well for many trips away and earlier on for transporting our teenagers (and their friends) to dozens of sporting events, sleep overs and late night pick-ups. We believe our decision to convert the car into water tanks and other sustainable stuff is a good one and we’re excited to announce that our new water tanks are arriving on Tuesday!

Our other great news is that Uncle Robot is starting work tomorrow. Fortunately I have the day off and Chris on Tuesday so we’ll be busy talking though our plans and helping Robert get set up. Our initial priorities will be preparing the tank pads and then removing the large rock in preparation for…….THE CHOOK NOOK!!

The afternoon was spectacular and too good an opportunity to miss a few hours of productive gardening. After heavy rain again this week, I spent some time repairing my veggie terrace. Not having worked the garden for at least a year, the recent rains have once again highlighted some problem areas so nature has done me a favour. It will be one of the priority areas for Uncle Robot to help me sort out as I now have a random mix of vegies sprouting all over the place. As a great suggestion from Tanya, I’m trying a heavy top layer of lucern hay to hopefully shield against further damage from rain predicted on Tuesday.

I also planted another 3 x 60cm pots of kipfler and sebago seed potatoes. Of course, you can seed your own potatoes if you don’t mind waiting a little while otherwise there’s some beauties with long wiry tentacles available at local nurseries at the moment. Potatoes are wonderful for balconies or small space gardens as you can grow them in pots and are a fun idea for little people like Hanni 🙂

Chris spent the afternoon excavating for the nursery, removing bedrock and floaters. He remembers from his University days that Kango Hammers made short work of tough rock but in those days they were powered by a younger, stronger and more supple body that was capable of applying tremendous forces for days on end. These days it’s one day on, 3 days to recover! But it’s really starting to take shape.

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