Simple is Best

morning fog beams into the tree house

Light intensifies as it reflects off the microscopic water droplets hanging in the thick fog in the valley below the house. It’s almost blinding as it radiates through the glass doors and into the house, filling the rooms with a bright glow. It’s 7 o’clock in the morning, June 3 and it’s going to be another magnificent day in paradise. And even better, I have the day off!

I step out on to the deck, close my eyes and let the warm rays hit my face as I take a few moments to enjoy the magical sounds of the new day. I can hear a lyre bird chortling away somewhere in the valley and imagine him scratching and pecking his way through the moist humus and soil along the edges of the walking track  below. The week’s heavy rain has provided perfect conditions for his busy ritual and I listen to his excited song as I imagine him methodically aerating the soil in search of food. Little does he know about the wonders of his work and I think about the similar service our chooks will eventualy provide to our Permaculture garden.

As I listen, the cool morning air drifts quietly up from the valley and fills my nostrils with the potentcy of life. I exhale and drift off, my mind still. I’m detatched from the moment…..adrift in my childhood grass boat….I smile softly and remember…..I’m somewhere…..I’m nowhere…..I’m drifting……I’m upside-down! The raucus screech of an attention seeking cockatoo has abruptly capsized my boat. Well it was pleasant while it lasted! I head to the kitchen, switch on  the kettle and poke the thermometer into the compost tumbler.


The kitchen bench and walls looked like the work of an artist from the arthouse music gallery in Oxford St: extremely colourful but a frenzied mess. I’d been testing the capabilities of a few kitchen appliances I had on hand to see which one would best munch kitchen scraps. I wanted to provide a  quick nitrogen fix for my compost heap to help with decomposition and hopefully speed up the composting process.

The upright blender produced an evil looking green smoothie and the old food processor has definintely seen better days. Apart from a minor issue with a tea bag string strangulation the simple but slick-looking Swiss born Bamix won hands down producing an efficient mix of finely chopped and shredded food scraps.

I’ve always enjoyed cooking but have never been a fan of fancy gadgets or ornate cooking and generally follow the ‘simple is best’ philosophy. Because of its simplicity, my Bamix has long been a favourite and I’ve only just replaced the first model I owned after 27 years. It has many sustainable features as an uncomplicated multipurpose tool that is small to store, uses very little water to clean, is energy efficient, is buit to last and can be disassembled for recycling.


The addition of Jo’s compost starter in the tumbler warmed things up initially but things have slowed down again. Being able to rotate the barrel to mix and aerate the contents will cetainly help the process. Although all three compost bins are at different stages, they’re all looking and smelling, well, like compost and as I open the lid there’s no shortage of minute bugs and critters scampering away. I even saw a few earthworms in the upright bin today which tells me that all is good in the compost a go-go.

Message to self: always remove string from tea bag before shredding

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